Singers Wanted

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Record your voice at the fabulous Knebworth Park Recording Studios!

We can professionally record and enhance your vocal skills and if the finished recording is good enough we can get your recorded CD to a number of music industry contacts who are always looking for the next and talented ‘Adele’ or ‘Ed Sheeran’

The studio has recorded a number of singers that have appeared on The X Factor and auditioned for The Voice so why not you?

Shows like the X Factor are a great opportunity for new singers to reach a whole new platform and we can really help with advice on song selection and performance techniques to make certain you give it your best shot first time!

Our studio producer will help singers to find the right song for each individual singer and guide them through the process so the finished track is of the highest quality.

Maybe then the next step is to use the studio ‘Video’ facility where we can take the finished recording and film them singing the song and then load the finished recording on to ‘You Tube’ and this is the very best exposure you can get to a maximum audience – record producers,scouts and music industry people looking for new talent. The above boxes show a few examples of the ‘kid’s recording parties so click on for a real treat!