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Here are some of the lovely comments we have received  from our artists.

I really enjoyed my recording session with Bill. He made me feel very relaxed and not at all embarrassed. I have been twice now and would definately love to go again, – Amy Clayton.

Bill was fantastic with my daughter, so encouraging and positive. I would recommend this experience to anyone who loves singing, or has kids that like to sing. Bill offered a hugh range of songs and helped with suggesting which would suit a particular voice. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes to sing, and it would also make a great present or birthday treat. Amy’s Mum (Belinda Clayton)

I’ve been working with Bill on a CD of cover tracks as well as some original material. It’s great working at this studio and is really inspiring. – Thanks Jilly P

We came along to the studio not really knowing what to expect as Lizzie has only ever sung in the school choir and a little group of would be pop stars in her class. The studio is great and it did’nt take too long before she came into her own and she now has so much confidence- Great experience – Jill Wallace

The recording parties are good fun and the girls just loved it and did’nt want to leave. They all said once they got to understand how the headphones and mics worked it was easy and they could’nt believe how good they sounded- great studio and thank you – Annette’s Mum

You have to try this out it’s such a blast- Tibby

I’ve been recording songs with Bill for some months now whether it’s Bill’s original material or songs that I have sung working with backing tracks that i enjoy singing. He has always been very patient and manages to get the best out of my voice by creating a relaxed atsmosphere and without putting me under pressure. The end result is always good. – Chris Lord

I really enjoyed working at the one2one studio and I gained new skills in singing and learnt a lot about singing in a recording studio. Bill’s industry knowledge and teaching techniques really helped me gain confidence in the whole singing process. – Mollie Allen.

I just want to say a big thank you for your help with the girls last month – they absoluty loved the recording session and are still wearing the ‘Star Glasses’ ! It’s such a different idea for a youngster and all of her friends keep asking when they can come back- April’s Mum.

First time I’ve written a review like this so I just want to say if you enjoy it as much as we did then you’ll have a great time! – Sue and Jenny.

Sophia has been recording with Bill since she was 8 years old and recorded many songs and the end result has been excellent. She’s now age 10 and a lot more confident than when she first started with some amazing success on ‘YouTube’ under her name Sophia Khoury –  Tash Solez

My daughter has been on and on about singing in a studio and when we finally got there she was over the moon and so enjoyed it. She always sounded great to me when she sings at her school concerts but once the recording was complete the result was really amazing and it’s something that we will have forever – thanks so much! – Toni.

Lizzie’s and friends came to a recording party at the studio and had a real ball…..if your looking for something different then this is such a lot of fun. – Margaret Smith.

My son Toby was really concerned about singing in a studio for the first time but the whole experience was great and he so enjoyed it. I’ve often read these type of reviews and thought is this really what people write – well just try it and you’ll see for yourelf what a good experience it is – Thanks so much. –  Sue Charles

I  don’t write reviews or fill out questionnaires so this is a first….I am a frustrated 15 year old songwriter and like you read about writers block well I have the problem with songwriting. Sometimes it’s there and then I have no idea where to go next. Bill was such amazing help both in terms of direction with the structure of the song but also adding strings and keyboards to my guitar backing which sounded great. If your struggling like I was try it – You’ve nothing to loose! – Jillie

Having only sung at open mic evenings I always wanted to try recording and the studios are great with no big pressure just support. – Dee